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Deploying a Successful Web Application II – The Importance of Security Testing

February 10, 2015 Security0 Comments

Relaying the analogy we drew with Moses and his tablet in the previous blog, this epochal moment is history also experienced a variety of other risks. Think of the Pharaohs who were headfast about disrupting Moses’ attempts to free his…

Cross Browser Testing Basics

October 29, 2014Automation0 Comments

Have you ever come across an application that works fine on your Firefox browser but does not show a button properly when accessed through Internet Explorer? Or an application warrants that you have a certain version and higher of your…

Using Google Search to Secure your Site

April 9, 2014Security0 Comments

Google search is an indispensable tool, so much so that it has become synonymous with search. Now we say, “Google it!” rather than “Search for it on the net”, and quite rightly so. With billions of sites and trillions of…

When and How Much to Automate?

March 13, 2014Automation0 Comments

Automation helps to lower costs and reduce release time. However, one has to be very judicious while deciding how much to “spend” on automation while trying to save on time. The cost on automation is decided on two main factors:…

Software Test Automation – Bucket List

March 5, 2014Automation0 Comments

We recently ran a short survey on what people want in a Software Test Automation Platform. While most people had similar requirements, there were quite a few very interesting needs. Some of the most common requested features are: It should…

Is Automation a necessary Evil?

February 3, 2014Automation0 Comments

Before we answer ‘Is Automation a necessary Evil?’, there is a bigger question ‘Is Automation necessary?’ Is Automation necessary? Manual testing cannot be replaced. For many software product, manual testing is a must before the products first release in production…

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