BQ C-SAPS Platform – Cloud or On-Premise

IntegratedTest Management

BQ C-SAPS™ manages requirements, sprints, test assets and execution results all in a single place.

Built-in Automation Framework

BQ C-SAPS™ comes with a built-in plug in that allows you to start creating and executing automation tests from day one.

Rapid, Visual Test Creation


reates automation tests in plain English. You do not need to learn another language just to automate your tests.

ShareableandReusable Test Assets

Create reusable test assets and simplify your testing workflows by combining other building block test cases.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

BQ C-SAPS allows you to log in from any internet connected Mac, PC or phone. Work from your office, home or even the road. You can be anywhere in the world.

Execute on Any Environment

BQ C-SAPS executes on any platform including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Android. Support virtual machines, emulators and real devices.

Seamless Integration with Industry Leaders

BQ C-SAPS seamlessly integrates with the leaders in test management (HP Quality Center & Microsoft Team Foundation Server) and defect management (JIRA, Bugzilla, TFS, HP QC).

Data Backup and Security

BQ C-SAPS automatic data backup system and centralized servers secures your data from sudden loss. Secured with 128-bit encryption, your data is safe.