BQ application security testing is an integral component of mainstream quality assurance (QA) and evaluates and protects the application and the organization from application-based flaws. BQ identifies and protects you against both malicious code and the malicious intentions of people. BQ understands that applications are under constant threat from inbuilt vulnerabilities. BQ enables you to see how new and constant evolving threats affect your environment.

Information Gathering

  • Finding the entry points
  • Reconnaissance
  • Analysis for error codes

  • Information Gathering

Config Management Testing

  • HTTP methods and SSL configuration analysis
  • Infrastructure and server level vulnerability analsyis

  • Configuration Management Testing

Session Management Testing

  • Session fixation and session management vulnerabilities

  • Session Management Testing

Authorization & Access Testing

  • Path traversal and user management testing
  • Access & document control testing

  • Authorization & Access Testing

Data Validation Testing

  • Attacking the application
  • Exploiting and compromising scenarios testings

  • Data Validation Testing

Resilience & Other Testing

  • DOS testing
  • DDOS testing
  • Web firewall testing
  • Web server testing

  • Resilience & Other Testing

Identification & Classification

  • Performing OWASP testing
  • Analyzing OWASP testing

  • Identification & Classification


  • Classification of vulnerabilities based on risks and priorities

  • Reporting