BQ test automation implements faster test cycles by automatically executing a suite of tests using the BQ automated tool. It reduces hours spent on manual testing and accelerates the speed of overall testing. It also eliminates risks associated with human error. With the increased complexity of software and reduced product development lifecycle times, BQ test automation is a ‘must have’ and key for Quality Assurance (QA).


      • Test Automation Development Environment on no-programming paradigm that enables the testing team to successfully automate significantly higher number (400%+) of automated test cases per day.


      • Record with the browser of your choice.


      • Component-based development for high productivity and re-usability. Even a slight change in any of the components is automatically updated in all test scripts.


      • Increased productivity by ensuring that all team members including manual testers, SME’s or BA’s can write automated test cases.


      • Easily handle object property changes, AUT workflow changes and test data changes which ensures highly maintainable test scripts.


      • Write once and execute on multiple platforms, devices and browsers simultaneously.


      • Detailed execution stepwise reporting whereby BQ captures results against each step and helps testing teams to quickly locate bugs.


      • In-built test management eliminates the need to separate test management tools to manage test assets (including documents, traceability etc.) BQ provides end-to-end traceability between all the test assets.


      • BQ allows you to continue using defect management system of your choice.