“Functional testing has become a business imperative for any project irrespective of its size. The risks of releasing a new software application without rigorous QA, have greater implications now than ever before due to the rapid pace of change in demands and expectations of end users”

                                                                   CTO – Fortune 100 company


At BQ, we value this, and, by virtue of being an autonomous body, we are able to have completely transparent and unbiased views. At BQ we understand that finding independent testing partners who are not biased towards the development team is crucial to the success of any product or project. Moreover, the cost of remediating software defects in a production environment increases overall software development costs. This directly implies that defect removal has to be prioritized.

BQ’s platform, testing approach and methodology is well defined and adaptable. It includes components, such as integration testing, GUI testing, acceptance testing, compatibility testing, regression testing and end-to-end testing. The BQ approach brings testing early in software development life cycle (SDLC) mitigating risk and reducing costs by ensuring early bug detection.

After all, the earlier you find a bug, the cheaper it is to fix it !


  • BQ leverages industry best practices in software testing.
  • BQ T-COE™ Test Center of Excellence (COE) sets the ‘Benchmark’.
  • BQ technology innovation transforms testing to deliver exponential value.
  • BQ establishes optimized and repeatable testing processes and continuous improvement through metric-based unbiased governance.
  • BQ improves efficiency thru automation and enhances productivity gains via Cloud or On-Premise Technology Platform BQ C-SAPS™ (patents pending), and Independent Testing Services BQ-ITS™ frameworks and tools.
  • BQ “Test Automation & Management Suite” ensures maximized ROI on test automation efforts.