BQ performance testing provides you with a complete set of services to predict application performance in a real-world scenario. When making the decision to deploy an application into production BQ gives you the confidence that it is ready to meet mission-critical performance and scalability requirements. BQ manages and mitigates the risks involved in deploying critical applications.


BQ performs load analysis with additional investigations into current production environment behavior. BQ provides a comprehensive look into the correct level of performance testing required for your application.

BQ examines the load your application encounters in its production environment. This data is used to help plan capacity and scalability and is a key milestone for any current or future performance testing.

BQ models your application at peak hour load, designed to provide visibility into how your application will perform under production load.  Primarily an end-user experience tool, this service can also be combined with most other tests in the Basic or Advanced options to investigate non-user visible operations.

BQ conducts this test to include 24 hour or longer tests run at peak hour load. BQ uses this test as a final Q-gate for any release and helps identify exposure risk to memory leaks, environment instability, disk space limitations, logging configurations and other systemic problems.

BQ includes tests designed to provide visibility into how your application scales with increasing load. BQ analyses worst-case scenarios and strong indicators into the “breaking point” or capacity of your application.


BQ extends stress testing into a suite of tests designed to examine all aspects of your application, pinpoint bottlenecks and identify breaking points of individual components.  BQ test and analytics highlights your weakest links and likely targets, prioritizing the same for improvement.

BQ will analyze the application and recreate the problem in your test environment for applications that are already in production, where there is a chance of performance or stability issues. This enables development and operations teams to validate fixes before launching them into production.

BQ  provides the option to test future code releases into your production environment. We reuse existing assets, such as the model and scripts created for prior rounds of testing. With BQ, performance tuning and modeling does not end once a release goes live.

BQ database testing focuses specifically on database-stored procedures and high-traffic flow queries to give you a comprehensive view on your databases performance capabilities under application load, primarily for applications that are often built on a suite of database services and environments.