BQurious provides ‘best in class’ end-to-end testing services. We blend expertise, experience and efficiency that brings focus to the three things that matter most for you –  ‘Availability, Performance and Security’.

Our patented Technology Platform BQ C-SAPS on Cloud or On-Premise, and Independent Testing Services BQ-ITS provides a comprehensive portfolio of verification and validation technology and services that helps Customers improve the quality of their systems while ensuring faster time to market and reducing the total cost of ownership.

“Quality is much more than the absence of defects for BQ. Quality is often defined as meeting a customer’s requirements the first time and every time after. It requires controlled process improvements that define the customer experience and wow factor that brings about loyalty in organizations.”

                                                                   Chris Meneze – CEO BQ

Customer Experience using BQ C-SAPS™ and BQ-ITS™

  • 70%+ Increase in Productivity on current Automation
  • 400%+ Increase in Defect detection
  • 300%+ Increase in Execution efficiency
  • 100%+ Increase in Development velocity
  • 70%+ Decrease in overall COST

One look and you'll be hooked.